AJS 2015 chemo regimen

We are going on our 8th year Fighting this brain tumor.  It has been exhausting…mentally…physically and financially.  I thank God everyday that we have had people along the way who have cared and helped.  Last January, AJ had a major resection… the neurosurgeon was able to take quite a bit out.  The tumor was then tested for the BRAF gene…which is present in his tumor. There are specific  clinical trials to attack that gene which has a huge part in the tumors activity and growth.  The closest trials are at UCSF. Our oncologist gave us 4 options as the tumor is once again growing into areas where something needs to be done.  One of those options is being a part of a clinical study at UCSF.  Financially i cannot do this on my own…it will require a lot of travel…time without pay, while still trying to maintain our household in Idaho.

Snake River Bros Has helped and donated to AJ and his family to help with expenses. A note from AJS Mother-On yet another note…. i want to give a huge thank you to John Hogue and Snake River Bros for the gas cards. We have a lot of travelling to do in the next few months and the help is very much appreciated. A group of huge hearts supporting these kids who are fighting for their lives. I am humbled at your generosity n support for my warrior! smile emoticon